8 preliminary principles of an Innovation Catalyst

The Innovation Catalyst is firstly an attitude and only secondly a profession – most true Innovation Catalysts are probably not even aware of their role as such.
The Innovation Catalyst harnesses and expedites innovation capabilities on all levels, but mostly at ground expert level of hierarchies, thus decentralizing and democratizing innovation in entities and institutions. Innovation is everyone’s business.
The Innovation Catalyst’s first goal is to lower innovation entry thresholds or barriers. It is not to make innovation easy, viable innovation is never easy.
The Innovation Catalyst’s second goal is to make oneself superfluous putting the client into the driver seat both as soon as possible ... and let go.
The Innovation Catalyst’s third goal is to proudly looking back at clients’ project achievements from 5 years or more ago – so, long-lasting sustainable and resilient innovation is the goal.
The Innovation Catalyst’s work can be both a craft and an art, but it is always a craft in the first place.
A high pace and volume of various - often wildly different - project involvements are indispensable prerequisites for an Innovation Catalyst in practice – think of the concept of antifragility.
Last but not least, connecting the dots in all respects.

What differs an Innovation Catalyst?

An Innovation Catalyst is not an Innovation Evangelist, Innovation Alchemist, ... not even an Innovation Educator, but the latter comes close at least
A role such as Chief Innovation Catalyst would be an oxymoron
An Innovation Catalyst doesn’t advice the same client again or twice on the same subject matter, even less project.